The Last Rays of Summer

The Last Rays of Summer

So, I have been slightly absent from this blog for the past several weeks for one reason: Jeremy and I have been soaking in every single bit of sun and fun during our first summer here in Boston. We certainly have filled up our days with traveling and adventuring and every time I sat down to write a new blog, I couldn’t write because I didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that summer is indeed ending. *insert sniffles and pouty faces here* But alas, here we are. The end of summer is near!

So, here’s a quick rundown on the best moments that we have had in August! (okay, they all were the best but I had to narrow it down to a somewhat comprehensive list in order to not write the longest blog post ever about the month of August)

1. Blueberry Picking!IMG_1353

As a Utah girl, I have never experienced the magic of fruit picking. Turns out, there’s a TON of fruit to pick here! And get this… you can go to an orchard and pick it all by yourself. *the crowd gasps in shock* Now, I did know about this but I never thought that I would be able to experience it for myself. It was the most magical experience ever! We went up to Crane Beach for the day but after realizing that we might not get into the beach for a lil’ bit because of the parking situation up there, we decided to stop in at Russell Orchards to kill some time. Turns out, we made a day of it and ate yummy food there and picked lots o’ blueberries. We didn’t even go to the beach! It was so wonderful to just walk around the beautiful grounds and look at all the fruit that could be picked and some spots that were growing fruit for the fall time! We will definitely be going back for apple picking!

2. Probably the Quickest Trip to Brooklyn, NY in History of Mankindfullsizeoutput_525

We woke up super duper early in the morning and made our way down to New York for the day! In our trip, we explored around SoHo district and DUMBO in Brooklyn. I would say our total visit would amount to about 5 hours and it was seriously so worth every minute spent there. I mean, now that we live over in the East Coast EVERYTHING IS SO CLOSE. IT BLOWS MY MIND. Anyway, I love it and it’s so great. We ate yummy food, did some wonderful shopping (which Jeremy loves so very much) and then left. A perfect day trip. I’m not afraid to say that I have a little crush on that city. Okay, fine. A big crush. The magic of New York is unlike anywhere else in this world and I plan on visiting often. You can feel creativity and passion pulsing through the streets and it is infectious.

3. RED SOX. WOO.IMG_1517

Now, for those of you who know me pretty well (or barely at all), you know that I do not do the sportsing. It has never been a specialty of mine BUT an old co-worker and friend of Jeremy’s in Utah came to visit us and took us out to the ballgame. I can now say for a certainty that the ballpark life is not the life for me. HOWEVER, there were things that I would return to Fenway Park for. 1. The hot dogs. I’m a sucker for hot dogs. 2. THE SINGING. I LOVE SINGING ALL THE SONGS. Singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and the “Shipping Up to Boston” (as you may recall from a previous post that is my current life theme song) on the top of my lungs was possibly one of the greatest moments of my sportsing life history. and 3. It’s a great place to spend some time with friends yelling at the players who will probably never, ever hear what you’re going to say. The end of the game got super intense and I certainly was screaming on the top of my lungs in order to help the people do a great job out on the field. I did the sports ball doing! WOO! Oh, and we won. That’s an important part to mention. And by we, I mean the Red Sox. Duh.

4. Beaches, Beaches, Ponds?IMG_1592

It is no secret anymore that I’m basically a mermaid. So, in honor of this, Jeremy and I have taken every chance we can take to be by the water. We took a day trip up to Ogunquit, Maine and spent the afternoon at the beach. We also took a trip to Walden Pond which was also beautiful. The end of our beach trip season is certainly the hardest part to come to terms with but I will manage. I’m not sure how but I know I will somehow.

5. The City, Of Coursefullsizeoutput_527.jpeg

Jeremy and I are still amazed that we live in this city. We keep having moments where we are just in awe that Boston is our city now! We have spent so much time learning the ropes about this city, finding the best hidden secrets, making new friends and just enjoying the Boston life. This past weekend, we rented the Hubway bikes and biked around the Esplanade and Back Bay Area and it was quite possibly my favorite day in the city thus far. There’s just so many incredibly wonderful things to find here! So, of course we have to adventure in our new city and we certainly did a lot of it this month especially with a few friends we met in Utah stopping by to say hi to our city.

So, I’m sure it has now become very clear that Jeremy and I have done nothing with our past month and we really, really dislike adventuring. (hehe, I’m really good at sarcasm too, in case you haven’t noticed yet) But in all seriousness, August has been so wonderful and now that the air is starting to get a little chillier, I cannot wait to experience a new season in Boston!

With loves, Nicole



A Weekend in Martha’s Vineyard

A Weekend in Martha’s Vineyard

Okay, so I just want to start off with stating how Jeremy spoiled me rotten this weekend and I pretty much felt like a princess on my birthday (woo, 23!) I seriously am so grateful for him and how special he makes feel everyday, even when it’s not my birthday.

Now, being the Utah girl that I am, I didn’t know much about Martha’s Vineyard. All I had really heard of was that there are a lot of rich people (fact check: not sure if that’s true because most people don’t walk around sharing how rich/poor they are… although, some people actually do that) and the Obamas like to vacation there (fact check: also true. I saw a picture of Obama eating at a restaurant that I ate at.) Annd that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge in the matter. So, when Jeremy told me that we were going to Martha’s Vineyard for my birthday, I thought to myself “Time to pack my fancy, floppy hat!” I am sad to report that I did not see one single floppy hat during my visit there. Television and hearsay LIED TO ME. So, it’s a good thing I didn’t pack my floppy hat. Anyway, here’s a lil’ run down of our weekend in the Vineyahd (I’m working on my Bahstan accent and I’m learning that when there is a ‘r’, just use ‘ah’… R is a neglected words ’round these parts. (Okay, but I do want to clarify that I have actually only heard a few stereotypical Boston accents in the past few months so, there’s that)).

On Saturday, we started out at Art Cliff Diner. Now, Yelp and all other review sources all said the same thing that went something like “AAHHH THIS FOOD IS GREAT. COME EAT HERE. ITS A LONG WAIT.” And as a first timer in the Vineyard, I based my decisions primarily off of the words of peoples on the Google. The people of Google did not lead us astray in any regard. I would highly recommend showing up around 8am or so, as to avoid the whole waiting for a table because the place is super small. Luckily, Jeremy and I waited for about 3(ish?) minutes. And the food was well worth the wait (3 minutes is a long time) AND it was the best omelette that I’ve ever had. If you go, be sure to order their salsa with whatever you get. Okay, maybe not with blueberry pancakes but I suppose whatever your heart desires.


Once our tummies were sufficiently overfilled, we rode the bus over to Joseph Sylvia State Beach for a morning by the water. The bus system was super easy (I mean, it is an island) and quite affordable. Pro tip (because I’m a pro now): Get the day pass, no matter what. It’ll be well worth the eight dolla’ bills, yo. Anyway, we made it to the beach and played in the water all morning long. Fun fact about this beach: it’s where the famous bridge from the Jaws movie is. Not having seen Jaws ever, this was not too intriguing of a thought to me but apparently it’s a big deal. Everyone was jumping off the bridge and it was quite the hip hop happenin’ place to be on that beach. Because I’m not a fan of jumping into water from a tall bridge along with a large crowd of random people, I chose to forgo that tourist opportunity.

Side note: I would like to thank Portrait Mode on the IPhone 7Plus for making Jeremy and I look real good in all the photos in this post.


After beaching (Yes, it’s a verb in my life), we ate at #9 Sandwiches in Edgartown. Would 10/10 recommend the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich. We then proceeded to go to another beach, by accident as we were exploring around Edgartown. We stumbled upon the beautiful Lighthouse Beach and went shell hunting (one of my favorite activities in the WHOLE WORLD.)

IMG_0869 (1).jpgWe then explored the town more, shopped a little (okay, shopped a lot), ate some ice cream and then ended the day eating at Nancy’s Seafood in Oak Bluffs (the place where I saw the picture of Obama eating there!) Also another place I would highly recommend. We got the lobster mac ‘n cheese and the seafood platter. SO MUCH FRIED GOODNESS. Needless to say, it was an incredible birthday. I mean, come on! Look at that view. (Ha, see what I did there? It’s a picture of Jeremy. And a lighthouse. Two very handsome objects.)


Day two was TOO quick! (AH BAD PUN ALERT. SO BAD BECAUSE IT’S BARELY A PUN.) It was super cloudy but we figured to take the “when in Rome” mentality (minus the being in Rome part) and took the hour bus ride the South Beach. We were told there that we could shred the gnar there. Now, there definitely was no gnar to shred but the waves were pretty big and the water was beautiful and warmer than the air. And because of the scary looking clouds, the beach was not full of people for the first few hours. So, I’m definitely a fan of that beach. Plus, look how picturesque it is.


We had purchased a water toy called WABOBA! the day before and were very excited to try it out. It’s basically a ball that bounces on the water really high and it did not disappoint. We are WABOBA! fans. We had a traditional beach day filled with playing in the big waves, reading books and getting our bag of Goldfish snatched up by a seagull. Although I was a little hungry (as the Goldfish were my plan for sustenance for the expedition), it was a beautiful cloudy beach day. We got to wear our Martha’s Vineyard swag as well so that was great. (And yes, we did buy matching Vineyard shirts AND then sweatshirts because we embrace the tourist life whenever possible.)


After beaching yet again, we ate at the infamous Black Dog Tavern. Jeremy had the Blackened Burger and I had the Crab Cake Sandwich. Both were OH SO YUMMY. Then we got one more round of ice cream from Mad Martha’s and took the ferry home *insert sad face and tears here*

So, I’m happy to report that my first trip to Martha’s Vineyard was a raving success! I will definitely be returning and certainly have the post-vacation blues today. But no need to fear! We are going to Boothbay, Maine and then camping in just three short days! Our weekends are more exhausting than the weekdays which means we’re definitely doing this whole New England Summer thing correct. Also, if you read all the way to the end, I like you. You are a real champ.

With Loves, Nicole




I’m a City Girl Now!

In my very first blog post entitled Home is here, I mentioned sitting at the dining room table with a snoring dog in the background in Salt Lake City. I also mentioned how ready I was to call Brighton, MA my new home. I can now officially say that I do call it home. I am writing this post from my new dining room table in my adorable and cozy apartment. And this time, there isn’t a snoring dog as my soundtrack but a whole city of sounds (and Gemma’s bell on her collar jingling as she walks around.) My new home is here. The beginning of this journey has been terrifying and filled with tears of missing home and tears of just being scared but mostly I have been filled with a sense of peace. This is my home and so far, I think I like it here.

Now, there are a few things that I immediately learned upon moving to the city. So, because I love lists so much, here goes it!

  1. HUMIDITY IS REAL, PEOPLE. Okay, so I guess no one thinks that it isn’t real, but I bet a lot of people (like me) didn’t believe other people (like anyone who has lived in the East Coast) that it is real. We came back from Quebec and suddenly, it was like you were just a walking puddle. I would literally be walking outside for two measly minutes and I became STICKY. BEING STICKY IS SUCH A STRANGE FEELING AND I DON’T LIKE IT. Luckily, the humidity streak has broken today and I actually feel like a normal human being again!
  2. Everyone warned me about the driving in Boston so naturally I was terrified when I first got behind the wheel and y’know what? It’s not that bad! If anything, driving here is easier than in Utah (because NO ONE CAN DRIVE IN UTAH.) If anything, I feel safer driving here… Everyone is aware of their surroundings so it’s perfectly normal to wedge into a new lane on the highway with no room for you because the car behind will (usually) just let you in. The agressiveness could be toned down a little bit and I’ve been getting honked at a lot for just going the speed limit but overall, not too shabby. So, I’m learning to be more assertive and I’ve done a handful of Boston Wedges! *self high-five* I’m not going to talk about the parallel parking because I’ve been avoiding it. *thumbs up*
  3. Okay, now Jeremy would argue that this is the most important discovery that we’ve made (and I think I agree.) DELIVERY. It’s a thing here and so many restaraunts do it!!! We’ve only utilized this option once since being here but it’s so great to know that there’s more than just Dominos available! Being foodies, Jeremy and I downloaded Grubhub and we were SO EXCITED to see about 50 options that deliver to the apartment on the list! Our one delivery experience was from Fast Eddies in Brighton. We ordered online and soon enough, the food was at our apartment. We then realized that the pizza place was 0.2 miles away from us and the delivery guy just walked from the store. So, next time we’ll probably walk to get the pizza (unless we’re feeling ULTRA MEGA LAZY.)
  4. My commute to work is really, really hard. I have to walk for TWO WHOLE MINUTES. I’m actually not kidding though. I can see work from my lil’ balcony. So, it’s not hard. IT’S FANTASTIC. My first day is on Friday and I think with enough time and effort, I’ll make it on time. Speaking of commutes, Jeremy has to commute on the T for 45 minutes. So, he actually has the rough commute but he’s a tough cookie. *big smile*
  5. ADVENTURES. ADVENTURES. ADVENTURES. If you know Jeremy and I well, you know that we LOVE going on adventures. Farmer’s Markets, festivals, etc… you name it in Salt Lake and we’ve probably gone. There is so much to do here! I knew that big cities are supposed to be filled with events and activities but I didn’t realize how many options there are here! I am so excited to explore what this city has to offer and hopefully make friends during this process! We went to the Tall Ships Festival last weekend and this weekend we’re going sailing and sea kayaking!! Needless to say, we are going to be worried about not having anything to do on the weekends.
  6. I’m nervous about it, but I’m going to dip my toes into the music scene here and soon thereafter, I will dive in. More updates as I figure out my plan and I would love any leads if you know the music culture here. So, this learning point isn’t much more than just committing to myself in writing that I’m going to do this even though it terrifies me.

I can’t wait to learn more about this city and to have so many new experiences while settling into being a city girl. I miss Utah and my family and friends SO much though. I definitely left a big chunk of my heart out there and I notice that it’s missing every single day (*disclaimer: I actually have my whole physical heart. It’s just an expression. No need to call a doctor for me.) Though this whole process is bittersweet, I’m just filled with an excitment that I haven’t ever felt before. There’s so much to explore here and I plan to embrace being a city girl!

With Loves, Nicole

P.S. I made a lil’ video about our trip to Canada. Check it out here! If anything, listen to it for the song that plays during the video because it’s an AWESOME song.

Je parle francais, eh?

Well, we did it. We moved across the country. And now, I’m writing this blog post whilst in Quebec, Canada. Yep, you read that right. I’m not in Boston as of this moment. Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “why in the world would Nicole go to Canada right after moving all the way across the country??” Turns out that this is the only time that a family vacation with Jeremy’s family would work out. But man, let me tell you… This past week has been an absolute whirlwind.

To begin our moving process, we did the whole plane with a cat thing. I have only one piece of solid advice for my readers regarding this… 1. JUST DON’T DO IT. SAVE YOURSELF. Travelling with little Gemma Lemma was filled with her singing the song of her people (or more like screaming) to all the surrounding audience members (uh, I mean passengers) in the plane. Whatever ‘sedative’ that the vet gave us did not work. I mean, maybe she was complaining a little bit less on the car ride to the airport but nothing could prevent Gemma from speaking her mind about her misery and suffering in the aiport and on the airplane. What I’m saying is just don’t do it. Ship your cat through UPS if you need to (not actually advocating for that but I definitely thought about doing that around 4am on the flight).

So, we got off the plane with a total of one hour of sleep (not even sure about that) between the two of us and went to see our apartment!! It’s absolutely amazing and I love it so much. It’s the perfect size and Gemma seems to love it as well. Minus the whole part of not being allowed outside because she wouldn’t survive a night in the big bad streets of Boston (not so big and bad but more just the fact that Gemma doesn’t fully understand cars can squish her). Then came all the errands associated with moving over the next few days…. getting a new license, transferring car titles, buying kitchen supplies, picking up furniture.. The list goes on and on. But we did it! All while staying sane (partially) and having just enough time to watch OITNB in our new cozy living room.

And now, we’re finishing out our adventures in Canada and heading home this afternoon.  Speaking of which, CANADIAN FRENCH DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. I’ve  been trying to interact with almost everyone I encounter but I still have no idea what they are saying back to me. Well, lesson learned I suppose. What is the lesson? Uh… learn to speak French the Canadian way before going to Quebec, I think. BUT Canada is absolutely gorgeous. It feels like I stepped back into France (minus the quirky accents) and I love it so much.

More photos and info about the trip in my new post once I get home. Home is Boston. Not Salt Lake… Still trying to get used to that but I think I like the sound of home in Boston. Plus, I have a really cozy couch to get back to at home. That helps.

With loves, Nicole