Hey there friends, new and old! My name is Nicole and welcome to Mountains to the Sea! From the mountains of Utah to the sea of Boston, Massachusetts, I will be sharing my journey with you. I’m a twenty-three year old who just made the biggest change of her life by moving to Boston to start a new chapter of life. I hope that this blog provides a place where you can remember that you’re not alone and that all of us twenty-somethings are making enormous changes, whether it be graduating (or just starting) college, starting your dream career (or not knowing at all what’s next) or moving across the country to an foreign and unknown land (okay, maybe Boston isn’t THAT foreign and unknown, but I think you understand what I mean, maybe.) So, look around and stay a bit. I’ll be sharing all about my newbie Boston lifestyle, travel, photography, and learning how to build a lifestyle full of happiness, passion and adventure in this incredible thing called life.