I’m Shipping Up to Boston. WOOAAAHH.


For those of you who do not know the song I am referencing (aka you didn’t immediately sing it on the top of your lungs upon reading the above), please see the video below. Also, if the video is representative of life in Boston I’m thinking I might just stick around in Small Lake City.


Now, I am not shipping out to Boston to find my wooden leg that I lost whilst climbing the top sails (as the lyrics state in the song, which you might need to look up because understanding any of the words is nearly impossible in the verses) but I suppose one could say I’m finding my theoretical wooden leg there? I’m about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life and I know that I will find many hidden treasures (and maybe even a real wooden leg at sea?) I know that this adventure is going to change me and I am so excited to see the woman that I’m going to become. I’ve had the nervous jitters all morning but I can’t even begin to explain the butterflies of excitment that I have. Today is my last day in Utah and I’m going to miss everyone SO MUCH but I am ready for this change.

So, this post is merely a statement that I’m shipping up to Boston in 12 HOURS. Which means that this marks my last blog post in Utah and next time I’m writing, I’ll be in my new home as a Boston blogger. I’m so excited for the experiences that I’ll have, the people I’ll meet, and creating a home across the country.

And in that spirit, I challenge you to get out and do something that scares you a little today or tomorrow because then you know you’re growing. With that, I say goodbye to Utah and SEE YOU TOMORROW BOSTON.

With all my loves, Nicole

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