Finding the Gratitude.

6 days. Six days. Six jours. 6 tage. T-minus 6 days. Six. Six. Six.

No matter how I write it, 6 days means the same thing. Ooh, now if I try changing that to hours…. That makes 144 hours. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH HOURS. In 6 days, I will be going through airport security with Jeremy by my side, Gemma in her kitty carrier (sleeping peacefully and heavily sedated *thumbs up*) and a one way ticket in my hand. After attempting to sleep on a red-eye flight, we will arrive in the Boston.

In exactly one week, we will be unpacking the U-box in Brighton, Massachusetts, the place I will be calling home. Everything is set up… the internet, electricity, jobs, packing, Gemma’s health certificate, etc. etc. and it’s been easy and exciting. It wasn’t until last night when I was just relaxing and enjoying my evening that it hit me. I have made the decision to pack up my life and start fresh and new across the country. If you would have told me five years ago that I would be doing this now, college freshman Nicole would have laughed, a lot. BUT SO MANY ADVENTURES ARE ON THEIR WAY and that’s what keeps me going when I get a little scared or sad.

I was told once in a Sheva meeting (basically education for JCC educators) that the best way to become more grateful in your daily life is to make a list of 7 new things each day. After writing down the seven things, read the list out loud and say “thank you” as many times that you need to TRULY feel gratitude. As each day passes, add seven items to the list and read the full list that you have so far. If this is of interest of you, I would definitely recommend doing this. After 7 days, you have a whopping 49 things to read out loud and I promise that you feel exponentially grateful for everything in your life. It’s also amazing how hard it is to think of 7 things each day. When I did this challenge, on the worst days I was able to write things like “I’m grateful to have a beating heart” or “I’m grateful for my cereal this morning. It was yummy.” We live in a society where complaining is the norm and focusing on the negative in the world around us is too easy… switching your mindset to having gratitude for the small things truly reminds you the meaning of this life (whatever that may be to you).

So, I figured while I’m feeling all nostalgic and excited for the future in a big and messy ball of emotions, I would write a list of seven things that I’m grateful for here in Salt Lake that I will miss so very much…

  1. Having my incredible family close enough where I can hop on a bus and be there in 4 hours.
  2. The friendships (new and old) that I will cherish forever.
  3. All the memories that were created here.
  4. My home with beautiful and loving roommates who are like sisters to me.
  5. Being able to drive 10-20 minutes and suddenly you are in the mountains (BONUS: Looking around in Salt Lake City and seeing mountains no matter which direction you’re looking)
  6. The neighborhood of Sugarhouse and how unique of a place it is.
  7. Jeremy (okay, well that part is coming with me but still! This is where we met and fell in love and all those mushy gushy feelings)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

These past few weeks, I have said ‘thank you’ in my head so many times that I can’t keep track anymore. I am filled with eternal gratitude and love for this place and all the experiences I have had here. I’ve always known what the word ‘bittersweet’ means but I have NEVER felt it like this.

So, for anyone who needs a lil’ pick-me-up activity, some inspiration, or anything like that, try this gratitude list. You’d be surprised about what you come up with and how it changes your perspective on things.

Much loves, Nicole

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