Decluttering: a love hate relationship

When you look up moving advice on the internet, you see A TON OF ADVICE. I’m not even kidding you… apparently there’s are so many aspects of moving that I didn’t even think about before perusing the big wide interweb worlds. Looking up moving advice is like looking up your cold symptoms on WebMD. Stuffy nose, sore throat… all of a sudden, I’m convinced that I have some deadly disease caused by a rare insect in Lithuania. The other day, I googled “moving across the country advice” and man, was I in for a treat. From how to make sure your cat doesn’t freak out in the airport to how to label your boxes, Google has your back (although I’m pretty sure we already knew that.)

The advice that seemed to stay consistent from blogs to advice websites to ehow articles was that you MUST declutter your life to make a cross-country move easy. So, I took this to heart and said to myself “Minimalism is great. I can do this.” Now, don’t get me wrong. The concept of a minnimalist lifestyle is pretty great. A capsule wardrobe, living your life with intention, and so many other great enriching lifestyle changes. But I gotta be real here with you… It is not the lifestyle for me. NOT ONE BIT. After rummaging through and throwing out 5 big trash bags of clothes that I had in the basement from when I was twelve and beyond, I realized that I really needed to declutter. All those clothes? They’re in a pile ready to go to Deseret Industries.  Then I started on my room… *insert dramatic pause* I’M A HOARDER. I had pencil erasers from EIGHTH GRADE. EIGHTH GRADE WAS A LONG TIME AGO GUYS. LIKE A REALLY LONG TIME AGO. I had my old Motorola flip phone that I used in high school. Somehow I still felt an attachment to these random items like a headband that I hadn’t touched in 6 years. I found the most random stuff in my room that apparently upon my three separate moves to different houses in the area, not once did I think to DECLUTTER. And now, now I know. Now I trust the google monster who told me to declutter. After my realization of being a semi-functioning hoarder, I got down to business and after asking myself “Do I need this?”, a few hours later my whole room had only essentials and two larged trash bags filled to the max.

So, here’s my advice based on my personal experience if you’re looking to do some spring cleaning OR thinking about moving across the country on the fly. If you think for a second “Hm, should I keep this… I really could use this…” and it’s an item that’s been buried under your bed in a box within a box, throw it right in that trash bag. Now, if it has sentimental value but is just a picture or something and it’s not THAT important (ie not family heirlooms and what not) take a picture of it for digital records and then throw it out. Seriously though, my only piece of advice is that if you have to look at the item and try to recall why you still have it, you don’t need it. If it’s clothing that you haven’t worn in at least one year, don’t even think about keeping it. You don’t like it anymore and you don’t need it (the exception to this rule is nice fancy dresses that you would wear if you had somewhere to wear it). And… that’s it, I think. The rest of the items, you’ll know if you need it or not. I would definitely recommed keeping imporant things like basic life stuff… because I guess that’s important or something.

And with that, I must get back to packing. Our U-haul box thing is going to be here in t-minus 9 days and I have three boxes packed. Although due to my excessive decluttering process, I think there’s only a few boxes left to pack. *Self high five*

with loves, nicole




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