Known and Unknown.

As each day passes, I am beginning to understand the phrase that I’ve read a countless number of times… “Embrace the unknown.” There are many things that are currently known to me when I move. I know where I’ll be living, working and just overall existing. I know that soon (TOO SOON), I will be saying goodbye to the people and places I adore. I know that I’m going to miss it here. I know that I’m going to cry. I know that I’m overwhelmingly excited to be making the biggest change to my life that I have made as an adult. I know that I’ll be leaving a piece of my heart here with all my loved ones.

There are many things and feelings that I know for sure. But with that said, there is a lot more unknown than known. Embracing those unknowns are overwhelmingly goosebump-inducing scary but kind of just part of the whole ‘moving across the country to an unfamiliar place with just a handful of people that you know at the new location’ deal. One of my closest friends keeps reminding me that “You’re not doing life right if it doesn’t give you goosebumps.” And even though I don’t want to agree, I know she’s right. The biggest decisions are supposed to be a little scary because of how BIG of an alteration to your life you are making but the important part is knowing that it is the right decision and holding onto that knowledge as the rollercoaster of emotions and experiences take you for quite a ride.

Sugarhouse is my comfort zone. It is the place I have lived and grown in for 5 years and I am safe here. I know my favorite bookstore, the best place to get a yummy sandwich (Even Stevens is the obvious answer here), my favorite place to walk in the neighborhood, where I get my groceries… there are so many things that I know for certain that I love here. In Boston, I don’t have that certainty yet. There are only so many Instagram pages of local Boston doughnut shops and clothing boutiques you can follow and so many times you can Google Maps from your new apartment to a different part of the city to convince yourself that you’re a local. All of these simple daily questions like “where is the nearest grocery store?” or “how in the world do I go about getting from Brighton to Harvard Square on the T?” are questions I won’t know the answer to until I’m there and experiencing it all for myself. I’m the kind of girl that wants to know everything about my surroundings and I LOVE to research. So, you can begin to imagine how much research I’ve been doing since before even thinking about moving. Trust me when I say, it’s a lot of research. But I keep reminding myself that I don’t need to know everything about the place before I get there and trust that it will be okay.

So, in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the moments I have here and know that in a month, I’ll be exploring and finding my favorite spots just like I have here. I am excited for the unknown of my new home and the known of all the memories I created here in Utah. And if any of you are reading from the Boston area, feel free to comment and share your favorite spots to be in the city and surrounding areas. I’d love to begin a list of the best places to go and adventures to have upon my arrival.

with loves, nicole

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