Home is here.

Well, here I am. Nicole, living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I went through the whole process of setting up a wordpress account and yada yada blah blah.. I won’t bore you with the details but I’ll just say, I wouldn’t suggest hiring me to program your website anytime soon. Anywho, regardless of my computer incompetencies, I am here. And for now, here is writing on the dining room table with a snoring old pup behind me, in a wonderful home that I share with three lovely ladies who I am lucky to call my friends in Small Lake City. Home. This is my home. Home is here. But pretty soon, my concept of ‘here’ and ‘home’ is going to change completely. During this HUGE change, I want to write. I want to share with you the process, the mushy gushy feelings that are bound to ensue, and once the move is all over, I want to share my new ‘here’ and all the incredible experiences that are waiting for me at my new home.

In one month, I will be packing up a U-box and shipping my belongings across the country to begin a new chapter in my life and when I think of ‘home’ and ‘here’, I’ll be thinking about a whole different place. Boston, here I come!  Now, I know what you’re thinking. This sounds daunting for a girl who has lived in Utah for the past 14 years and well, you are very correct. It is very daunting and the biggest change I have made, ever. But, I am not doing this alone and that makes this a lot less terrifying. Jeremy and I will be doing this move together and this new chapter is not just my own, it’s ours. We have both graduated from college (well, Jeremy is graduating in two weeks) and have jobs waiting for us in Boston! I will be a teacher in a 3 year old classroom at a local preschool and Jeremy will be a nerd (uh, I mean software engineer) at a marketing software company. We found an apartment in the Brighton area and we’ll be taking our sweet (EVIL) lil’ tabby named Gemma with us. We are both so excited and have been talking about this for so long that it’s hard to believe that it’s finally happening!

I am ready to call Brighton, Massachusetts (our neighborhood in the Boston area) my new home. Saying goodbye to everything and everyone that I adore here is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I know that Utah will always hold a special place in my heart and I’ll definitely be back to visit. So, here’s to the beginning of this blog and the adventure of a move from the mountains to the sea and a new ‘here’.

with loves, nicole

P.S. I hope that a) I didn’t put you asleep and b) that you’ll keep reading my posts because there are certainly many more to come!

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